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Tanning Bed Financing
24 XS Power “Delux” Facial 220 Volt Tanning Beds

24 XS Power “Delux” Facial 220 Volt Video


The 24 XS Power “Delux” Facial 220 Volt tanning bed has 24 tanning lamps in a comfortable, curved tunnel design that makes maximum use of reflected rays. If you are looking for a deep, rich tanning experience at home, the 24 XS Power “Delux” Facial 220 Volt will satisfy your tanning needs.

The Wolff 24 XS Power 220 volt tanning bed with facials comes with 24 lamps total and features 12 dual tone twister lamps that provide you with 50% bronzing power for a healthier tan. This 220-volt model supplies you with a great source for vitamin D and 2400 watts of tanning power in just 15 minutes. The contour tunnel design ensure you of a comfortable tanning experience. Sunco Tanning offers the Gold Medal warranty and easy financing for just $1.50 per day for this tanning bed.


24 Body Lamps

  • Canopy: 12 Dual Tone Twister Lamps (Elite Lamp with Double Bronzing and Double Lamp Life)
  • Bench: 12 Extremely high efficient WOLFF lamps


  • 15 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Bio-techTM tunnel design
  • Exclusively designed acrylic
  • Specially designed aluminum reflectors
  • DuramaxTMTM 2000 exterior

Special Features

  • High-tech digital timer
  • Quick-clipTM acrylic removal system
  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time
  • Hour meter included in timer system
  • Pre-wired remote hookup available to communicate directly to your TMAX timer system and wireless ready


  • Advanced after tan cooling system
  • Superflow internal cooling system
All SUNCO Tanning beds are ETL tested and certified for your personal safety and peace of mind.


75.75"L x 35" W x 48" H

Recommended room size 6'x 7'


220 VOLT dedicated circuit

20 AMP circuit breaker

20 AMP NEMA 6-20R receptacle

Tanning Beds
Wolff 24 110 Volt

24 XS Power “Delux” Facial 220 Volt
Tanning Beds

Wolff 24 110 Volt

24 XS Power Facial 220 Volt
Tanning Beds

Price $2,695 $2,495
Size 75.75" x 35" 75.75" x 35"
Warranty Gold Metal Warranty
48 Months
Silver Metal Warranty
36 Months
Lamp Life 1,200 hours 1,200 hours
Lump Output 9.9 UVB 9.9 UVB
Pedistal Skirt Yes Optional
Color Options Yes (Black, Blue, Red) Yes (Black, Blue, Red)
Free Lotion Value $525 Value $350 Value
Digital Timer Yes Yes
Power Options 110 or 220 Volt 110 or 220 Volt
MP3 Audio System Yes $199 Value No
Free body cooling Fan Yes, $199 Value No
Sunco Price: $2695
Retail Price: $4295
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews.