16 XS Power Facial Tanning Bed

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The 16 XS Power Facial tanning bed makes tanning from home easier than ever! The 16 XS Power Facial operates on a standard 120-volt house hold outlet, meaning you can use your existing outlet in your house without having to rewire. You will get a deep, rich tan at a price anyone can afford. The timing system makes tanning simple… just turn it on and lay down.

Tanning couldn’t be any easier when using the 16 XS Power Facial tanning system. This bed plugs right into a standard wall outlet in your home and uses 16 XS power-bronzing lamps to deliver 1600 watts of tanning power. The 16 XS Power provides you with a 15 minute tanning time. The bed will look great anywhere in your home with its contour tunnel design and aluminum and steel frame. Sunco Tanning offers the Silver Medal Warranty and easy financing for just $1.25 per day for this tanning bed. Free Shipping!


Lamps 16 Body Lamps

  • Canopy: 8 * Dual Tone Twister lamps
  • Bench: 8 * 100 Wolff® XS Power lamps


  • 15 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Bio-techTM tunnel design
  • Curved tanning surface
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheet
  • Specially glossed aluminum sheets
  • DuramaxTM 2000 exterior

Special Features

  • Security timer automatically monitors standard


  • 75.75″L x 35″ W x 48″ H
  • Recommended room size 6’x 7′


  • 120 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 15 AMP circuit breaker

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Price $1,995 $1,795 $1,695
Size 75.75″ x 35″ 75.75″ x 35″ 75″ x 31″
Warranty Gold Medal Warranty
36 Months
Silver Medal Warranty
24 Months
Bronze Medal Warranty
12 Months
Lamp Life 1,000 hours 800 hours 600 hours
Lamp Output 9.9 UVB 9.9 UVB 3.0 UVB
Pedistal Skirt Yes Optional No
Color Options Black Black Silver
Free Lotion Value $600Value $200Value
Bluetooth/MP3 Audio System Yes, $199 Value No No
Free body cooling Fan Yes $199 Value No No
Sale Price: $ 1,595.00
 $ 1,995.00